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Micro-Grid Solution
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Micro-Grid refers to a small power distribution system composed of distributed power supply, energy storage device, power conversion device, load, monitor and protection device, and it is an autonomous system which can realize self-control, protection and management. As a complete power system, Micro-Grid can realize power balance control, system operation optimization, fault detection and protection, power quality management and other functions resting on its own contro1 and management of power supply.
Micro-Grid aims to realize the flexible and efficient application of distributed power supply and to solve the problem of large number of distributed power grid connected in various forms. The deve1opment and extension of Micro-Grids can fully promote the large-scale access of distributed power supply and renewable energy, and enable the highly reliable supply of loads in various forms of energy.

1,AC Micro-Grid Solution

AC Micro-Grid: distributed power supplies, energy storage devices, etc. can be connected to the AC busbar through power electronic devices.
At present, AC type is stil1 the main form of Micro-Grid due to its relatively mature technology and flexible application. The control of PCC switch can achieve the conversion of grid-connected operation and isolated operation in Micro-Grid.

2,DC Micro-Grid Solution
DC Micro-Grid: Distributed power supply, energy storage device, load and so on can be connected to the DC busbar; then DC network can be connected to external AC power network through Four-quadrant converter ,DC Micro-Grid can provide power to AC and DC loads with different voltage levels through power electronic converters, and fluctuations of distributed power and load can be adjusted by the energy storage device at the DC side.
DC Micro-Grid is mainly applied to electric vehicle charging station, industrial and commercial park and other occasions required emergency power supply.
Photovoltaic power generation involves direct current, photovoltaic DC will be parallelized into DC busbar through DC/DC device, and connect the battery through the DC/DC device to the system. Therefore, photovoltaic power generation does not require to make inversion, rectification and then recharge the battery, the conversion efficiency of the entire system can become very high.
At present, charging technology for electric vehicles mainly applies AC/DC charging piles. The energy of such charging piles is derived from AC power. To build DC Micro-Grid is to transform the energy through DC to DC to charge the electric vehicle directly, so as to maximize the efficiency of system conversion and utilization. The entire system is connected to power grid through energy storage converter acting as complementation. When the photovoltaic energy is insufficient or load power supply, DC source and other similar loads require power supply, the required power can be extracted through the power grid; and the balance electricity can be put into power grid when the photovoltaic power is not used up.

3,AC/DC Hybrid Micro-Grid Solutions
AC/DC Hybrid Micro-Grid: both AC and DC busbars are contained, can provide power supply directly to AC and DC load.
AC/DC Hybrid Micro-Grid can be widely applied in islands, electricity-free areas, industrial and commercial park and other occasions.
AC/DC Hybrid Micro-Grid integrates all features of the previous two types of Micro-Grid, it boasts powerful functions, and the combination of the entire system requires high to the equipment and technology.

4,System Features
Three technical solutions of AC busbar, DC busbar and AC/DC hybrid busbar are available
· All devices are in modular design,which are easy to maintain and highly reliable
· Wide range of access power and flexible design
· Mult-branch design can meet the fine management of the battery pack, and effectively improve the system stability, so as to guarantee the battery design life
· Grid-connected/off grid-connected control is implemented to achieve the photovoltaic power generation and grid connection. battery charge and discharge control, and the most economical operation at the peak/valley electricity price
· Smart energy compartment design integrated with distributed power supply, energy storage and battery
· Monitoring-Advanced Measuring and Sensing Technology;
· Predictable- Properly predict and distribute power supply through model simulation and power flow analysis;
· Controllable- Effectively Control to Monitoring Status;
· Compatible- Access to Distributed Power Generation, Adaptive Processing Technology;
· Real-time Analysis- Enhance Data-to-Information, Optimize the Operation.

5,Working Mode
When adopting power supply by distributed power generation and the load of charging piles is light, the distributed power supply will provide power for the load and charge the accumulators at the same time. ;
· When adopting power supply by distributed power generation and the 1oad of charging piles is heavy, both the distributed power supply and accumulator can provide power for the load simultaneously;
· When the distributed power supply is empty, it can provide power for the 1oad through the power grid and charge the accumulators at the same time;
· When the distributed power supply is empty and the power grid is at peak tariff, the load is powered by the accumulators;
· When the power network is outage, it will automatica1ly switch to off grid-connected mode, the distributed power and accumulators will supply power to some important loads.

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