Product Introduction

The PDU power distribution unit is an implementation module that performs all interactions with the electric vehicle. This product detects the battery charger head in real time and receives the signal CC1. The product communicates with the BMS in the vehicle in real time during the charging process. After receiving the BMS communication messages, it controls the output of the power module and adjusts the power module voltage and current in real time.


Active protection
The product adopts a safety redundancy design and works cooperatively with the BMS to proactively monitor the operating status of the BMS and the battery feature parameters, proactively diagnoses the charger status, and handles faults and exceptions. The double protection is configured for the charging process.

Compliance charging

The output power ranges from 15 to 150 KW, which complies with the compliance charging requirements.

Fault record

Safety and Reliability
The non-damage high voltage switch design ensures 100,000 high-voltage DC switching.
The parking space adopts safe isolation design to ensure reliable isolation between devices in the cluster-charging system, and the reliable isolation between device and people.

Technical Features




Number of Connected Power Modules



Output Voltage

230 to 750 Vdc

150 to 500 Vdc

Output Current

0 to 250 A

0 to 144 A

Standby Power Consumption

< 5 W

Communication Interface


Working Temperature

-40°C to 55°C

Exterior Size (W x D x H)

86 mm x 533 mm x 236 mm

49 mm x 372 mm x 150 mm


≤ 5.5 Kg

≤ 3 Kg


2000 m

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