15KW Constant Power Charging Module

Product Introduction

MC750K15 module adopts the latest optimized hardware design, with advanced control algorithms, supplemented with advanced manufacturing technology, specially developed for EV charging and can compatible with almost all EV charging requirement, the module has the advantages of ultra-wide constant power range, excellent low-voltage constant-current capability, high weighted efficiency in the full power range, large ultimate temperature range and lower standby power loss, charging system operation safe, reliable, economic and high adaptability to the environment.


Ultra-low standby loss, with the minimum power loss less than 6W.
Ultra-wide constant power range and excellent low voltage constant current capability, with the maximum current output of 43 A.
High reliable protection performance in high and low temperature resistance, humidity, salt fog and other severe environment, which reduced the operating cost
-40°C~+75°C wide temperature range, with -40°C~+50°C full load operation, which is 5℃ higher than the industrial products.
Four-dimensional intelligent wind speed control technology, effectively reduced the loss and noise, ensuring the product reliability.


Pulse group active intelligent high-speed discharge and bleed-off circuit technology, improved the port security, with the charging efficiency up to 96.5%, greatly reduced the equipment depreciation, reliable and durable, more environmentally friendly.
Ultra-wide output voltage range, 150VDC-750VDC, meeting the most EV models charging requirements, adopting the latest active power factor correction(APFC), reduced the interference by harmonic waves to the grid, which is superior the industry-standard.
The Dural DSP-based control design achieves full digital control of the charging module and determines the high reliability of the control.
Hot-swappable design for easy installation and using, multiple safety protection measures of over voltage, under voltage protection,
Also with output short-circuit, over-temperature and air channel anomaly detection functions.

Application Scenarios:

Pure electric passenger Bus, Electric Public Bus, Electric Minibus, Electric Logistic Vehicles and its Charging Stations

Technical Parameters



Voltage Level

750 V


Input Voltage Range

260 to 456 Vac

Input Current Range

0 to 32 A

Input Power

45Hz to 65Hz

Power Factor

≥ 0.99




Output Voltage Range

150Vdc to 750Vdc

Output Current Range

0 to 43A

Rated Output Power

15 KW

Stabilized Voltage Precision

≤ ±0.5%

Stabilized Current Precision

≤ ±1%

Current Unbalance

< ±3%

Ripple Voltage

< 1V

Basic Features


≥ 96.5%

Standby Power Consumption

< 6W


120,000 hours

Working Temperature

-40 to +55 full-load +55 to +75 (Used in the derated status)

Relative Humidity

≤ 95% RH (No condensation problem)


2000 m

Communication Mode


Exterior Size (H x W x D)

83 mm x 219 mm x 438 mm

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