Product Introduction
The vehicle-mounted charger converts single-phase AC power into high-voltage DC power to charge vehicle-mounted power batteries, and also can be used to charge the 13.8 V battery or BMS in a vehicle (this function is optional). All the indicators meet the QCT895-2011 standard.
The product is designed based on the automotive-grade standard and the protection grade reaches IP67, ensuring the safety and reliability.
The product adopts a modular design, the product is flexible in size, and the product installation is simple. The air-cooled or water-cooled shell can be quickly produced as customized by users.
The product adopts fully-digital control technology, and the control mode is intelligent and flexible, which can meet the diverse charging needs of customers.
The active protection function which is developed by TGOOD ensures the vehicle charging safety.
The product has the sleeping and charger insertion wake-up function. If the charger is not inserted, the product can effectively avoid the consumption of 12 V constant current in the vehicle, effectively saving energy.
The CC/CP signal detection technology detects the reliability of the connection between the plug and socket and the maximum current supported by the cable, and the technology is intelligent and convenient.

Technical Parameters



Input Feature

Input Voltage Range

85 to 300Vac

Input Current Range

0 to 32 A

Input Power

45 to 65 Hz

Power Factor

≥ 0.99


≤ 5%

Output Feature

Output Voltage Range

200 to 450Vdc (High-voltage output)

13.8 Vdc (Low-voltage output)

Output Current Range

0 to 20A

0 to 5A

Rated Output Power

6.6 KW

69 W

Stabilized Voltage Precision

< ± 0.5%

< ±1%

Stabilized Current Precision

≤ ± 1% (Output load 20% to 100% Rated range)


≥ 96% Peak value Efficiency

Ripple Voltage

< 1%

Basic Feature

Working Temperature

-40 ℃ to +85 ℃

Relative Humidity

≤ 95% RH (No condensation problem)


3000 m (The temperature decreases by 1°C for every 100 m.

Communication Mode


Protection Level


Exterior Size (W x D x H)

240 mm x 380 mm x 120 mm

Product Consultation

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