Technical Team

With a total of 500 employees, TGOOD has experts in power electronic transformation, power electronics software algorithms, design simulation, embedded hardware and software, system integration, application software and other fields with professional and innovative technology.

With the professional technical support andR & D personnel system management, TGOOD has made many new technological breakthroughs in the field of electric vehicle charging, which including the ten-minute high power and fast charging technology, wireless charging technology, liquid-cooled charging technology, underwater charging technology, Bi-directional charge and discharge technology and on-board charging technology, etc. Meanwhile, TGOOD can provide with users with the most comprehensive charging solution based on the specific market demands. Currently, TGOOD is the most powerful R&D team engaged in the EV charging solutions for new energy vehicles in China, and has become a participant and maker of technical standards for China's new energy automotive industry.

DC Charging
DC Charger
AC&DC lntegrated Machine
Charging Module
Energy Storage
AC/DC Bidirectional Power Module
Isolated DC/DC Bidirectional Power Module
On-Board Equipment
Car Charger
Electronic Control
Car Auxiliary Power
Charging Solution
Full Weather Resistance Charging Solution
Induction Charging Solution
Mechanical Parking System Charging Solution
Energy Solution
Energy Storage System Solutions
Wind&Solar Energy Stockpile Solution
Micro-Grid solution
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