Core Technology

High Level Protection Technology

With the adoption of high level protection technology, the products can be normally working in harsh environments like high temperatures, extreme cold, high salt fog, strong winds and heavy rainfall. By using the internal & external circulation isolation double duct heat dissipation and internal & external high efficiency reverse-flow circulations heat exchanging technologies, effectively preventing airborne dust, catkins, salt spray and other contaminants from entering the cabinet. Extended the life of the whole machine and greatly reduced the frequency of product maintenance, also improved the customers’ operating income.

Meanwhile, the intelligent temperature control unit in the system can dynamically adjust the fan speed according to the ambient temperature and charging power to reduce the standby loss and operating power consumption, also with automatic dust-removal function, which effectively reduced the dust accumulation.

Induction Charging Technology

With continuous exploration and technology accumulation, TGOOD has successfully launched a wireless charging solution for electric vehicles. it has been applied to stereo garages and ground parking systems. It can achieve a transmission distance of more than 20cm, with 92%charging efficiency and maximum transmission power of 60kw. The technology is leading the industry and has a number of relevant independent intellectual property rights.

Bidirectional Flow Technology

The unique patented bi-directional energy flow technology realizes the charging and discharging functions of the module products. It can be applied in the EV charging and discharging systems, direct current micro grids and solar energy storage industries.

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