Xi'an TGOOD Intelligent Charging Technology Co., Ltd., established in May 2015, is a subsidiary of Qingdao TGOOD Electric Co., Ltd. (Stock code 300001). It is the R&D center of Qingdao TGOOD new energy vehicle intelligent charging products and power electronics technology. TGOOD is committed to research on intelligent charging and energy management technology, providing customers with safe, efficient and economical charging and energy management solutions.

TGOOD has six core development departments with power electronics, embedded hardware and software, application software, electrical systems, structural design and equipment development, with numerous industry experts and nearly 500 employees (more than 90% are bachelor degree). Which is the largest R&D team engaged in new energy vehicle charging solution industry, has become a participant and framer of China's new energy automotive industry technology standards.

TGOOD has established cooperative relationships with a number of enterprises and key universities, giving full play to the advantages of the combination of production, learning and research, establishing an independent intellectual property system with special characteristics, owning 10 software copyrights, 15 international patents and more than 300 Chinese national patents. In 2016, TGOOD undertook three key technical innovation projects of Ministry of science and Technology & Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, is the governing unit of China EV Charging Safety Alliance, the China EV Charging Facility Promotion Alliance and the China Semiconductor Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, it is also the member of Shaanxi Provincial Software Industry Association and Xi'an Engineering Technology Research Center, which is a “small giant” enterprise and national high-tech enterprise.

TGOOD's original "CMS” Active Flexible Intelligent Charging System was successfully certified by the China Electricity Council in October 2015. The appraisal concluded that the product's comprehensive technical performance has reached the international advanced standard, the active protection and flexible charging function during the charging process has reached the international leading level. The charging safety have been effectively improved by the application of the CMS system, more than 100 times safety charging times promoted, battery life prolonged by 30%, eliminating users' concerns about the unsafe EV charging and battery short charging life. The system has been applied for 13 PCT patents, seven European and American patents, one U.S. invention patent and nine Chinese invention patents. Meanwhile, TGOOD announced to the industry that it has freely authorized the using rights of 16 core patents for charging safety, sharing its technical achievements with charging industry partners. The CMS technology has led the development of new energy vehicles intelligent charging technology and promoted China’s new energy industry technology revolution.

TGOOD has achieved many breakthroughs in key technical difficulties such as high reliability, high protection and high safety. The off-board AC/DC charging equipment, on-board vehicle power supply products and energy management products for EV have been widely used in EV charging and intelligent power grids field, leading the domestic market and covers over 50% market share in new energy vehicles charging field, TGOOD’s excellent technology and high quality products has won users’ unanimous praise.

TGOOD has a core R&D team with rich experiences in power electronics, embedded hardware and software, intelligent monitoring and application software development, by researching and integrating the Power Electronics, Internet, Big data, New energy, Micro-power grid and battery technologies, TGOOD has built strong research and development strength. A total of 152508 units charging equipment have been volume produced in 2016 in EV charging domain, covering the most cities and areas in China, products have been applied in 280 cities and with 180,000 charging terminals all over the country, covering the EV charging market share more than 51% in domestic market by April, 2018. In Shaanxi Province, a total of more than 1800 terminals had been planned and signed, 268 terminals are under construction, 36 comprehensive PV canopy charging stations have been built in the high-tech zone of Xi’an and other sites of Shaanxi province, 208 charging piles have been running on line and the charging electricity quantity have been amount to 85000kWh. In Wuhan city, 37 public bus charging stations can meet the demand of charging for over 800 buses simultaneously; In 2016 G20 summit, TGOOD provided 33 EV charging station and 181 charging terminals, ensuring 300 reception vehicles using the green powers. In Shanghai, the first TGOOD CMS active flexible intelligent charging technology used public bus station- Yinggang public bus charging station has been put into operation, which can meet 120 buses charging and operation. All of these have showed TGOOD’s leading position and strength, TGOOD will continue to innovate the charging technology and promote the new energy industry development, making more contributions to the clean and high-efficiency modern energy systems.

TGOOD workshop covers an area of 500,000 square meters in charging piles related production, which is divided into 7 areas, they are module and semi-finished product production area, medium power products area, high-power products area, whole machine aging debugging area, integrated assembly area, integrated debugging area and cables processing area, also owning circuit testing cabinet, 6 products production lines, 3 whole machine aging rooms, three-dimensional rack and other related equipment.

TGOOD has industry-leading laboratories equipped with dynamic simulators, programmable AC power supplies, DC aging power supplies, power analyzers, Tektronix oscilloscopes, Fluke detectors and other world-class testing and laboratory equipment, we also built a single-board laboratory, security regulatory laboratories, environmental laboratories and reliability laboratories which can cover a range of 1kW to 500kW various products, including electrical safety and reliability tests, ensuring high-quality control of products from R&D to production stages.

Application case: Photovoltaic canopy charging station

New energy technology revolution will change human life, as a technical researcher in the field of new energy, TGOOD is adhering the spirit of “forward-looking lead innovation, collaborative understanding and sharing”, working to a world-class energy solution provider, making the environment more friendly by the energy technology revolution.

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